Anokhi Dental Privacy Policy

At Anokhi Dental your privacy is very important to us. We are committed to upholding our legal duty to ensure any information collected about you is secure and confidential.
We subscribe to the privacy guidelines as laid out by the Australian Dental Association and the Federal Privacy Act 1988.
This policy may be updated from time to time and will take effect from when it is posted on this site. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding this policy.

Type of information we collect, why and who sees it.
In order to provide you with the best possible care we will collect information about you if you choose to make an appointment with us. This information will be solely used for your dental care. Any information to be shared with a third party (such as a specialist) will only be done with your informed consent.

This information includes your:

  • name, address, date of birth
  • email, phone number(s)
  • occupation
  • next of kin
  • medical/dental history
  • treatment notes/correspondence
  • financial history with the practice including insurance details 

How this information is recorded, stored and discarded.
This information may be recorded digitally and/or in paper form.
Our digital data is stored in a secure location which is managed by an external IT management company.
Hard copies in the practice are stored in a secure area which is not accessible to the public.
If your information is no longer required, we will take appropriate steps to securely destroy or de-identify you as permitted or required by law.

The responsibility of staff in relation this information.
Anokhi Dental goes to great lengths to develop a team united in the goal of best practice. The highest priority is given to respecting the confidentiality of patient information. 

The use of pseudonyms/anonymity by patients.
Anokhi Dental is happy for patients to maintain their anonymity, mindful of the potential limitations to insurance rebates this may entail. 

The use and disclosure of information.
Any patient information held by Anohki Dental will only be used outside the practice in communicating such information as necessary for specialist referrals. 

How information in transmitted to specialists and other outside providers of dental care
Such information is transmitted by email or postal mail. 

How consent is sought for the use of information beyond dental care: how such consent is recorded.
Anokhi Dental does not use client information beyond dental care. Your information will not be shared with any third party databases or marketing companies. 

Steps taken to prevent misuse of information; steps taken should information be misused.
There are clear set policies at Anokhi Dental regarding patient confidentiality. All team members are obliged to adhere to these policies.
If there is misuse of any patient information the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
The information would be recalled from the recipient and steps taken to ensure such information is removed from the recipient’s system.

 Patients’ rights to access information.
At any time, patients may request access to their information held by Anokhi
Dental either verbally and/or in writing.