White Fillings

A filling replaces that part of a tooth which has chipped or broken down or where decay has created a cavity.

At Anokhi Dental, we follow mercury safe practice. Therefore, we use composite resins and ceramics as tooth filling materials.

Composite Resins

These are your standard “white filling” materials and consist of glass particles in a resin matrix and are bonded directly to the tooth and therefore, can help to support the remaining tooth structure.

Many patients prefer this material as it can be shade matched and blended with the original tooth resulting in a natural appearance.

At Anokhi Dental we use high quality, fluoride-free and BPA free composite resins in our practice. BPA is a known hormone disrupting chemical, so we choose to avoid it. Composite resins are an ideal filling material for small parts of a tooth and where there isn’t too much pressure from the bite.