Natural Oral Care

It is a well-known fact that our oral health is an important window into our general health and that issues in the mouth can (and do) affect other parts of the body.

At Anokhi Dental, we believe that making our oral hygiene regime a priority ensures that our teeth and gums remain as healthy as possible. Simple measures at home can help make dental visits minimally invasive and less costly. Remember, when we care for our mouths properly, we care for our overall health.

Here are some Anokhi Dental tips on what you can do to maintain a healthy mouth.

  • Use an appropriate tooth brush and toothpaste for you.

We all know that brushing our teeth is fundamental to our mouth health. Ideally, it should be done after every meal but at the very least, morning and night. All surfaces of the teeth should be brushed, not forgetting around the gum line.

The type of brush you use is important. For example, if you have receding gums and the roots of your teeth are exposed, a hard bristle brush may not be ideal. If you have wisdom teeth that seem to trap more food around them and need extra hygiene, you may need a small brush that can reach this area far back in the mouth.

There are many different types of toothpastes available on the market today. Some contain fluoride and sodium lauryl sulphate. Natural ones contain herbs and minerals that can help clean the mouth effectively.

Certain toothpastes have specific benefits. For example, some are for sensitive teeth, while others are targeted more to promote healthy gums.

  • Use floss or interdental brushes

We all know that flossing our teeth is important, particularly to prevent dental decay. It is important alongside brushing because it removes food and plaque from between the teeth, which is an area your toothbrush will generally not reach.

In some situations, floss may not be the ideal method for cleaning between the teeth. For example, where there are large gaps between the teeth or teeth are missing. In such cases it may be wise to use interdental brushes, which have bristles and are thicker than floss.

  • Swish with an alcohol free mouthwash or oil.

Most of the problems in our mouths are caused by bacteria. We have more than 7 billion in our mouth! That is equivalent to the population of the world! Some are responsible for cavities (dental decay) and others cause gum (periodontal) disease. So the purpose of a good mouthwash or oil is to reduce the population of these harmful bacteria in the mouth whilst having anti-inflammatory effects for the gums.

There are some good natural mouthwashes available on the market which contain herbs and oils which can significantly boost the health of the mouth. Some of these mouthwashes are likely to include sesame oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil for a healthy mouth.

  • Scrape your tongue every morning.

We believe that a tongue cleaner is as important as the basic tooth brush. Tongue cleaners (or scrapers) are excellent for removing the coating on the tongue which is made up of bacteria and toxins. It is this coating which causes bad breath or halitosis.

This daily accumulation is your body’s intelligence way of giving you a chance to remove toxins from your body! You will also notice that you will have fresher breath! Try to clean your teeth and scrape your tongue within 3 minutes of waking up.