Explore Teeth Replacement and Restoration Options with Anokhi Dental as Your Dentist in North Sydney

At Anokhi Dental, we want to be your dentist in North Sydney.

We want to help you unlock the benefits of holistic dentistry and promote superior overall personal health. We want to assist you with teeth cleaning and teeth whitening, and with fillings and extractions. If necessary, we want to provide the kind of tooth restoration or replacement services that make you feel confident showing off your smile.

What We Do with Tooth Restoration or Tooth Replacement

The Anokhi Dental team works with patients like you to prevent tooth loss or damage. Holistic dentistry is about promoting the health of the whole body in a way that helps prevent health issues in the future. Our first goal is always to get your oral health to a point at which you aren’t going to have regular issues with cavities or tooth decay or find yourself at risk for tooth loss. With that said, tooth restoration can be a natural and supportive part of dental care. Here are a few of the ways that we make tooth restoration easier for our patients.

  • Amalgam removal: Not only are metal fillings unsightly and easy to spot, but they also often pose a risk of mercury poisoning. We are skilled at removing these old amalgam fillings in a way that minimises your risk of mercury exposure.

  • White ceramic fillings: In place of amalgam fillings—or for new cavity fillings—we use beautiful ceramic fillings. These fillings are made from zirconia and porcelain and can match the colour and shade of your teeth. Patients appreciate the natural, true-to-life look of these fillings.

  • Teeth replacement options: At Anokhi Dental, we will do everything we can to help you keep your natural teeth intact and healthy. If a tooth extraction becomes necessary, or if tooth loss is inevitable, we will help you examine your options for tooth replacement. These options may include dentures, bridges, and implants depending on the nature and extent of your tooth loss.

What Sets Anokhi Dental Apart as a Dentist in North Sydney

If you are looking for a dentist in Sydney city to help with your tooth restoration or replacement, know that you will be in good hands with Anokhi Dental. Here are a few factors that separate us from other dentists in the area.

  • Our holistic approach: Holistic dentistry promotes the health of the mind, body, and spirit. It focuses on prevention and overall wellbeing, not just on treatment of diseases. When you choose us as your dentist, in our role will go beyond simply pulling a decaying tooth or providing a few fillings. We encourage frequent check-ups and work with patients to achieve higher levels of oral health. Our job is to help you prevent future tooth loss and other dental health concerns.

  • Our tailored treatments: How often should you come in for dental check-ups? What kind of treatment do you need? Should you be consulting other healthcare professionals? At Anokhi Dental, we take a personal interest in the health of each patient, which means we can provide tailored advice and treatment based on what you need.

  • Our focus on safe and healthy treatments: We don’t take any risks with our patients. We use reduced radiation x-ray machines, provide fluoride-free treatments, do not use metal amalgam fillings, and take other steps to make our patients safer and more at ease.

If you are dealing with a sore tooth or a tooth that has come loose, you need to consult a dentist in Sydney Town Hall right away. At Anokhi Dental, we would be proud to be your holistic dental partners. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.