White Fillings

A filling replaces that part of a tooth which has chipped or broken down or where decay has created a cavity. Modern composite resins are reliable and long lasting due to advances in the technology of this material over the years. They consist of glass particles suspended in a resin matrix and are bonded directly to the tooth and therefore can help to support the remaining tooth structure.

Many patients prefer this material as it can be shade matched and blended with the original tooth resulting in a highly aesthetic and natural appearance. They also do not contain any mercury like the more traditional amalgam fillings.

Composite resins are convenient as they can be placed and set in one dental visit and you don’t have to wait before you can chew on it.

At Bio Compatible Dentistry the composite resins we use are:

  • Sigma Estelite
  • Espe Filtek Z250
  • Ivoclar Vivadent Heliomolar
  • Venus Diamond

In some situations a composite resin may not be a suitable material to restore a tooth.

Examples are:

  • If there is heavy loading on a tooth such as on a molar
  • If there is a large area of the tooth to restore
  • If you grind and/or clench your teeth
  • In such cases we may recommend a ceramic inlay, onlay or crown
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