Teeth Whitening

At Anokhi Dental we offer the Designer White Advance professional home teeth whitening system. This is an Australian product which complies with all therapeutic regulations. Its active ingredient is peroxide (not bleach) and it is safe and gentle to use on the teeth.

This concept was first discovered by an orthodontist in the 1980’s. He noticed that many of his patients had inflamed and swollen gums due to difficulty cleaning around the braces. He therefore advised them to brush with a hydrogen peroxide gel which would release oxygen hence destroying the anaerobic bacteria causing the inflammation. After some time he noticed that not only had the health of the gums improved but the teeth were also visibly whiter. This is how “home whitening” kits came about.

The advantage of this system to “in chair” whitening is that it is a more gradual (hence safer) process allowing you to control the whitening of your teeth from the comfort of your home. It is convenient, and very easy to use. Simply squeeze the whitening gel into custom made trays and insert them in the mouth for one hour a day until a desirable result is achieved.

If you are interested in whitening your smile please discuss this with your dentist to find out if this procedure is suitable for you.

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