Children’s Dentistry

We welcome children at Bio Compatible Dentistry. An ideal time to introduce your child to the dentist is 2 years old. We believe an early visit will help them to develop positive associations with coming to se the dentist and enable you to provide a foundation for your child’s future oral health. Baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth. Early problems and loss of these teeth can result is issues with speech development, eating and crowding of the permanent teeth.

During a simple examination our friendly team will endeavour to make their first experience an enjoyable one with the creation of trust and confidence.

We will check for:

  • Good oral hygiene and dietary habits
  • Healthy gums and teeth
  • Healthy development of jaws and breathing patterns.

Regular check ups will help reinforce good dental habits and prevent dental problems in the future enabling your dentist to monitor the teeth as they grow in. We are happy to discuss preventative measures you can put into place at home to avoid costly and invasive treatment in the future.

If dental treatment is required your dentist will discuss the procedure and all materials to be used with you. Your child will be shown the dentists tool and the procedure will be demonstrated outside the mouth before commencing s as to minimise any anxiety.

We aim to keep cavities to a minimum and place a strong emphasis on prevention and good habits from a young age. Where possible we use ozone to sterilise early cavities together with the use of remineralising agents. If a tooth requires a filling we use a BPA and fluoride free white filling material.

Some children may require more specialist care particularly where they have already been through a traumatic experience, or if extensive treatment is required. In such cases we will refer your child to a specialist paediatric dentist. Orthodontic referrals may also be provided if required.

At BCD there are certain treatments we do not offer children. They include fluoride therapy, pulpotomies (root canal treatment in a baby tooth) and metal crowns. If you and your dentist feel your child would benefit from one of these treatments we will refer your child to a paediatric dentist and work with them towards an optimal outcome.

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